Friday, May 8, 2015

Children's Art: Salt and Watercolor

I couldn't resist to get some "real" liquid watercolors....and I am very happy with them :-)
We tried them out for the first time this afternoon and of course it had to be the the real exciting stuff once I found on Meri Cherry's site :-)

We poured white glue lines on paper with many crossing lines. The glue was then covered with normal kitchen salt. The excess had to be tiped away, of course back in the bowl for reuse ;-)

With our beloved Pasteur pipettes (always reminds me of former times, when I used to work in a research laboratory ;-)) we carefully let some liquid watercolor drop on the salt lines....
The result was most beautiful: Not only the color flowing along the lines, but how the colors blend into each other. And on top of it, the colors became really vibrant :-) A technique we definitely love :-)

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