Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Ending....

The ending of our summer vacation 2016 was not that spectacular....We anchored that night at the island Avernako/Denmark but felt very exhausted after another windy day, so we slept early and left the next day for Sonderborg, where we safely arrived on 08/13/2016.
It was a wonderful journey and we were very excited that we made it up to Norway, but to tell the truth, the 8-9 days of our vacation were rather exhausting. Anyway I took just a couple of weeks where we sticked to claiming that next year we are not going to sail ever that far in that kind of short time. But retrospective romanticization already started and plans for next years journey begin to form....;-) let's wait and see how far North we are going to sail then :-)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rodvig/Denmark - 08/08/2016

It was a tedious way to Rodvig. It was still very windy with 7 Beaufort and the wind was still coming from South-Southwest. We were just happy when we crossed the Kobe-Bay, saw the limestone cliffs of Stevens Klint and finally reached the harbor.
The village Rodvig is more or less a suburban region. In former times it was very famous for it's flintstone.
We like this place especially because of it's excellent Thai restaurant directly at the harbor front :-)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fisher cabins

I like the atmosphere around these fisher cabins, which can be found in many places along the Scandinavian coast. These are workplaces of relaxed confidence. It is not for making a show or attracting tourist, it is just they way people live and work at the sea.

Wooden toys

When we visited Dragor/Denmark last summer I found these very nicely designed wooden animals in a shop window. I am not quite sure whether they really would be good as toys...unfortunately the shop was closed, so I could not figure out who made them. I like especially the Scandinavian design of clear and simple lines and bright colors.