Monday, November 30, 2015

Oscarsborg/Norway - 08/07/2015

This day was a complete traveling day.
We started with rain in Lindholmen going for the Oslo Fjord today. (There was some nasty side story, when we lost our brand-new dinghy with motor, because someone forget to fix the rope of it after getting the back-anchor inside.....but that was a completely different story and should be told at somewhen else....)

At noon we took a break in Moss, which was great for shopping, filling up water and taking a warm shower, but.....Everyone on board agreed to rather move on than staying directly adjacent to the ferry terminal.....
Therefore we had a wonderful night trip along the Oslo Fjord until we reached Oscarsborg.
Since it was at the weekend the harbor was already overcrowded when we arrived late that evening. But the people were very, very friendly, pushed and pulled their boats and squeezed little Madita just in between (it felt a little like this crazy bus at Harry Potter's...;-) ). We had a very quiet night and were eager to explore Oscarsborg next morning.

Lindholmen/Norway - 08/06/2015

The  same day we went on heading to the North.
Because of the main wind directions, our timeline and the fact that we had be back home in time, we decided to rather visit Oslo than Bergen.
Although we were a bit disappointed not to reach our previous goal, later it turned out, that it was the very right decision not only because, wen had a wonderful time visiting great places but also because the rather heavy wind from East over the next weeks would never had let us go comfortable back....

Anyway after a nice journey along the Tronsberg Fjord, we reached Lindholmen, a very beautiful skerry and in fact the first skerry with forest on it we visited.

It was a nice afternoon exploring the island and a gorgeous evening.
We were not so lucky to fish something, although one fish was jumping directly next to Madita our of the water..and I swear it poked it's tongue out at me...
however, a little later we saw swirling water movement, a seal showing it's head for a split second and then it swam in circles apparently rounding up some was an exciting experience to observe this directly next to our boat.

Gaso-Kalven/Norway - 08/06/2015

At this morning we made a very short trip to the next small island, Gaso-Kalven, which was formerly used for military purposes. Since we were rather late in season, we were completely alone there, enjoyed the peace and discovered how nature gains back the territory.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gaso/Norway - 08/05/2015

There are no pictures of us crossing the Skagerrak in order to reach Norway.....It was a really rough trip with wind 5-6 Beaufort, sometimes 7 and waves going 3-4 meters high. Everybody on board felt awful and we kind of wondered whether Norway will be that much more beautiful than where we have been tell the truth: Yes :-)

Reaching the area of Tronsberg/Norway at the west side of the Oslo Fjord, the sea calmed down and after 42,2 NM we finally found a beautiful anchoring place in front of the small island Gaso.
When the quietness of evening started to settle with beautiful light, we did, what Friedrich dreamt of for his entire life...we set up our very first campfire :-) The children roasted marshmallows and everyone felt comfortable again :-)

Havstensundet/Sweden - 08/04/2015

We had a very calm trip with an amazingly clam Skagerrak. Last year when we made this passage it was rather rough and we were impressed by the waves splashing the rocks in the water.

The reason to go for Havstensund was to get water and diesel, both we though would be easy to get here. Fuel was no problem, but there was no water at the pontoons and we had to get it from a near by tap going back and forth several times... anyway it is a nice day here with a very quiet atmosphere in the evening.

After dinner we started for a short walk again. Boat neighbors told us that there is a very narrow way through the hill next to the harbor and we had to try that. Actually  it was very narrow and huge rocks were hanging over our heads. The children enjoyed the thrill of it a lot ;-)