Monday, November 30, 2015

Oscarsborg/Norway - 08/07/2015

This day was a complete traveling day.
We started with rain in Lindholmen going for the Oslo Fjord today. (There was some nasty side story, when we lost our brand-new dinghy with motor, because someone forget to fix the rope of it after getting the back-anchor inside.....but that was a completely different story and should be told at somewhen else....)

At noon we took a break in Moss, which was great for shopping, filling up water and taking a warm shower, but.....Everyone on board agreed to rather move on than staying directly adjacent to the ferry terminal.....
Therefore we had a wonderful night trip along the Oslo Fjord until we reached Oscarsborg.
Since it was at the weekend the harbor was already overcrowded when we arrived late that evening. But the people were very, very friendly, pushed and pulled their boats and squeezed little Madita just in between (it felt a little like this crazy bus at Harry Potter's...;-) ). We had a very quiet night and were eager to explore Oscarsborg next morning.

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