Saturday, January 30, 2016

My new printing project

I just started to look into printing again.
I did a first linol cut the other day and played around with different printing papers so far. I actually wait for some different paint and some better tools, but here are some preliminary results :-)

Rügen/Germany - 01/29/2016

We have been to Germany's largest island Rügen yesterday and it was pretty cold there. There was even ice and snow drifting on the open sea, although temperatures are well above 0°C for a couple of days now....

Children's Art: Color code

After the children of the weekly children's painting group were ask to paint pictures at given terms like fast, ice-cold or to-be-pleased, we started a second task:
Each child received a piece of paper on which I put terms  and I asked them to put one single color underneath the term. It was the idea of the children to discuss afterwards, which colors were chosen for which reasons.
The terms were (from up to down and left to right):
Mum, Christmas, space, greeting, river, music, everyday life, hope, to make wishes, malevolence, interest and past.

Children's Art: Just imagine....

Last time at the children's painting group I just gave them some terms and ask them to paint their pictures according to.....The terms were kind of abstract, but after a first moment of refrain, all the children jumped on it ;-)

For the next three pictures the term was "Fast". I especially like the middle one :-)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Children's Art: Find the monster....

This week at the children's painting group we tried something about imagination.

First the children used watered down water-color to paint random pattern on white paper. They did a few sheets one after another, since it needed to dry for the next step.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Art 2015 VI

 Baltic Nature 9 - 2015 - Soft Pastel over Acrylic on canvas - 18x24 cm - $150 available at Saatchi

  Baltic Nature 10 - 2015 - Soft Pastel over Acrylic on canvas - 18x24 cm - $150 available at Saatchi 

 Sailing - 2015 - Soft Pastel over Acrylic on canvas - 30x40 cm - $150 available at Saatchi 

New Year's Day 2016

The first day of the year 2016 yesterday was rather gray and colorless.

We took a walk through the old tunnel underneath the river Elbe, which was build in 1911....
Well I was not that fond of the idea walking under so much water and sludge...lets see what more challenges this year has waiting for us ;-)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Spot of the Week - Fram Museum Oslo/Norway

The Fram Museum was definitely THE highlight of our summer vacation 2015 to me.
I started to read Nansen's "Farthest North" a couple of weeks ago. The Museum do not show a model or a replica of the expedition ship Fram. In this museum there is the very Fram, which was built by Colin Archer and with which Nansen and his team set of to reach the North Pole.
In fact they drifted with the Fram frozen in pack ice until they felt  - 18 month later! - Nansen and his colleague Johansen  could pursue on ski and sledges to reach the North Pole by feet.
Actually they didn't, because at one point the ice drift brought them faster Southwest than they could walk North....anyway they reached 86° North and about one and a half years after they left the Fram they came back to Norway after an unbelievable demanding walk for month over ice and a quite chilly, 8 month long winter they spend on Jackson island.

I didn't expect how much the visit of this museum, standing on this very ship, which Nansen described so very detailed, would touch me.... but in fact I was very touched!

(Some of the pictures taken inside the museum are not that sharp, since the light was rather dim, but I show them anyway in hope to give a even better impression of this wonderful museum.)