Friday, July 19, 2013

Grömitz/Germany - 07/19/2013

Today it is the last day of our vacation. We stop in Grömitz, because the children like this harbor very much. Here are always a lot of other children to play with, either on the playground or at the beach. After having a really good pizza at our favorite pizzeria Santa Maria the children have fun building a barrage with other children at the beach. Since they are really dirty and sandy after this project, they decide to clean themselves directly in the Baltic sea. It is about 11:00 pm and our vacation ends.
We are sad, that is not lasts longer, but we are very very happy about this great trip. We personally achieved a lot: We traveled further north than we expected, we managed new navigational challenges, we saw a lot of nature and had some really recreative days.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vejrø/Denmark - 07/17/2013

Today we stay on Vejrø and enjoy once more the nature, the peace and quietness of the island. We make a hike of 6km round the complete island. The rest of the day is just being here and enjoying the end of our vacation.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trip to Vejrø/Denmark - 07/16/2013

Today it is a long trip of 50 NM. But all of us want to see the beautiful island Vejrø again. The decision of making it a long drive today offers us the opportunity to stay the whole day there tomorrow. That's worth it ;-)
Just shortly before we reach Vejrø finally happens, what I waited for for nearly 4 weeks: We see porpoise. It is always a very special moment to meet these small (up to 2 meters) toothed whale, which are a threatened species.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ballen/Samsø Denmark - 07/15/2013

We are running out of days for being back in time at the end of our vacation. Therefore we are going to take the Great Belt. That gives us the opportunity to visit Ballen/Samsø, which is Friedrich's most liked spot in Denmark. The arbor is always crowded but still the atmosphere is very pleasant and maritime.
The children love the little harbor beach, where they can paddle around with an old rowing boat or catch crabs. Some decent restaurants are located in the harbor as well as a smokehouse offering delicious fish.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Øer Maritim/Djursland Denamark - 07/13-07/14/2013

For the next couple of days the forecast gives storm warning. To avoid that as afar as possible we try to head farther south and reach the Little Belt before. When we reach Øer Maritim it is quite calm since the land blocks the wind to some degree. Here we have to pass a lock, which is always an exciting moment. Øer Maritim itself is not that exciting. As seen at other places, the concept of "Buy a vacation home and bring your own boat!" seems not to work that nicely. This place appears rather lost and morbid. But there is a swimming pool and a playground with a huge inflatable jumper and the children are quite happy even with our second day we have to stay here because of the storm.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Anholt/Denmark - 07/12/2013

This is our first ride over night. We are heading form Marstrand/Sweden to the island Anholt/Denmark. We have been there last year and especially the children are eager to visit that beautiful and very sandy place again. But since storm warnings are released for the following days, we either make the 76 NM tonight or skip Anholt, which would be absolutely impossible.....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Marstrand/Sweden - 07/10/2013

After being lucky to make it backwards out of the box against the wind we have a decent trip of 20 NM to Marstrand.
Marstrand is THE sailing city of Swedens westside. Many boat are in the harbor, many shops selling accessories for ships. A supermarket can be found directly in the harbor. And of course there are many restaurants and cafés.
We visit the fortress and enjoy the view over the town and the sea.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Käringön/Sweden - 07/09/2013 - plus 2 videos!

Only 5 NM from Stocken we reach Kärnigön. The little island is very lively since it has some hotels and restaurants and many summer cottages. Although we prefer more lonely places, we enjoy the atmosphere of this friendly and bustling resort for today.
Hugo was kind of unlucky, since he sniffs a snake crossing our way. The snack takes it as an offense and bites him in the nose :-( It was not a bad wound but he was very appalled by this attack.

Some guys demonstrate their cool skills across the harbor....

In the night the wind is changing it's direction and blowing now from behind us with up to 28 knots. Wolfgang is out almost all night to take care that Madita is not crashing into the pontoon, if the rear line would break. So are all the other skippers on our side. The people on the other side of the pontoon are sleeping soft and sound, since their boats are laying well protected from the wind.