Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Käringön/Sweden - 07/09/2013 - plus 2 videos!

Only 5 NM from Stocken we reach Kärnigön. The little island is very lively since it has some hotels and restaurants and many summer cottages. Although we prefer more lonely places, we enjoy the atmosphere of this friendly and bustling resort for today.
Hugo was kind of unlucky, since he sniffs a snake crossing our way. The snack takes it as an offense and bites him in the nose :-( It was not a bad wound but he was very appalled by this attack.

Some guys demonstrate their cool skills across the harbor....

In the night the wind is changing it's direction and blowing now from behind us with up to 28 knots. Wolfgang is out almost all night to take care that Madita is not crashing into the pontoon, if the rear line would break. So are all the other skippers on our side. The people on the other side of the pontoon are sleeping soft and sound, since their boats are laying well protected from the wind.

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