Monday, November 30, 2015

Lindholmen/Norway - 08/06/2015

The  same day we went on heading to the North.
Because of the main wind directions, our timeline and the fact that we had be back home in time, we decided to rather visit Oslo than Bergen.
Although we were a bit disappointed not to reach our previous goal, later it turned out, that it was the very right decision not only because, wen had a wonderful time visiting great places but also because the rather heavy wind from East over the next weeks would never had let us go comfortable back....

Anyway after a nice journey along the Tronsberg Fjord, we reached Lindholmen, a very beautiful skerry and in fact the first skerry with forest on it we visited.

It was a nice afternoon exploring the island and a gorgeous evening.
We were not so lucky to fish something, although one fish was jumping directly next to Madita our of the water..and I swear it poked it's tongue out at me...
however, a little later we saw swirling water movement, a seal showing it's head for a split second and then it swam in circles apparently rounding up some was an exciting experience to observe this directly next to our boat.

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