Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Havstensundet/Sweden - 08/04/2015

We had a very calm trip with an amazingly clam Skagerrak. Last year when we made this passage it was rather rough and we were impressed by the waves splashing the rocks in the water.

The reason to go for Havstensund was to get water and diesel, both we though would be easy to get here. Fuel was no problem, but there was no water at the pontoons and we had to get it from a near by tap going back and forth several times... anyway it is a nice day here with a very quiet atmosphere in the evening.

After dinner we started for a short walk again. Boat neighbors told us that there is a very narrow way through the hill next to the harbor and we had to try that. Actually  it was very narrow and huge rocks were hanging over our heads. The children enjoyed the thrill of it a lot ;-)

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