Sunday, August 30, 2015


On our summer vacation sailing trip to Norway we saw quite a few seals in the water; more than all the other years taken together...

One evening, when we were mored on the rocks of the beautiful skerry Lindholmen/Norway, I just came on deck to take a last bit of the beautiful evening nature in, when I saw some unusual patterns of water movement. For a very short moment a seal was showing it's head, then dived again. Fish were jumping out of the water and from the pattern of the water movement we concluded that the seal hunted the fish by swimming in circles. It was a very exciting observation which lasted only a few minutes.

Anyway it is rather tricky to take pictures of these sweeties, since they are gone almost every time, I had the camera ready....therefore only a few snapshots were taken, these rest we have to keep in our memories ;-)


  1. Seals - the marvelous thing about your images is - they are ambiguous. Should a viewer have a space scientist background they might suggest a curious shadow on the moon. Should the viewer be a pastry chef - well - 'some one did not smooth the icing.' Wonderful images.