Sunday, August 30, 2015

Danemark-Ulön/Sweden - 08/03/2015

On the second day of our summer vacation we already experienced the full beauty of the skerry landscape.

We had a very nice sailing trip passing the City of Lysekil and traveling through the Sotten-Chanel.
Up there in the North it was already off-season and we were quite happy that everything was less crowded and calmer.

Again we were very impressed and touched by the rock formations. Behind Lysekil the stones changed their color to relish and became very smooth and rounded.
Hugo insisted to stand at the bow the whole day, although the sun was burning down on him....At one point I a wet scarf around his head to cool his little brain a bit and he seemed to like that :-)

Early evening we anchored at a bay at the nature reserve Dannemark-Ulön and simply enjoyed being in nature for the rest of the day.

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