Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gaso/Norway - 08/05/2015

There are no pictures of us crossing the Skagerrak in order to reach Norway.....It was a really rough trip with wind 5-6 Beaufort, sometimes 7 and waves going 3-4 meters high. Everybody on board felt awful and we kind of wondered whether Norway will be that much more beautiful than where we have been before.....to tell the truth: Yes :-)

Reaching the area of Tronsberg/Norway at the west side of the Oslo Fjord, the sea calmed down and after 42,2 NM we finally found a beautiful anchoring place in front of the small island Gaso.
When the quietness of evening started to settle with beautiful light, we did, what Friedrich dreamt of for his entire life...we set up our very first campfire :-) The children roasted marshmallows and everyone felt comfortable again :-)

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