Saturday, June 29, 2013

Malmö/Sweden - 06/29/2013

Before we are going to reach Sweden today, our journey starts passing the chalk cliff and the light house of Stevens Klint. Nearby is a church high on the rocks. The legend tells, that it was founded by a sailor, who was so grateful for being unharmed when sailing through a heavy storm.
Nearly during the complete trip the water was coming from above, just when we passed the Öresund-bridge, which connects Kopenhagen/Saejland-Denmark with Malmö/Sweden the whether cleared off.
We spend a very pleasant evening and next day in Malmö.
Malmö is a lively but relaxed city. We enjoy strolling through the old streets with cafés and restaurants as well as discovering all the modern structures showing that Malmö is a modern city at the shore.
The next day, before leaving in the afternoon we visit the Museum for Ships- and Technology Museum where we may enter a submarine from World War II.
In the Malmöhus slott, an old castle, the Art Museum and the Town Museum are located. With the old Museum-tram we drive back to the center of the city.
Although normally we try to avoid larger cities, because they are too crowded, too loud, too dirty, not enough nature, too busy, we enjoyed Malmö very much.
It has very much to discover and the atmosphere is unexcited and friendly. The marina is nicely located close the city center and is has an urban flair with modern apartment houses and restaurants around it (and a well functioning washing machine ;-)).

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