Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From Sønderborg to Grenaa - 06/19-06/21/2014

During our summer vacation our plan is to reach Oslo/Norway; this time by sailing ;-)
But since it is not that much time for this rather long distance (and back), we thought about bringing Madita northwards before our journey starts. The best time for doing so would be the weekend after Corpus Christi with a few days off around that.
Wolfgang wanted to do a sailing weekend with his cousin anyway and he offered to help bringing Madita to the north.
I am more than grateful, that it were not the children and me doing this trip, since it was rather windy with up to 37 knots of wind (Beaufort 7-8) at the first day, a little less the following days with even higher waves.
Although it was wet and salty, the guys were in high spirits when returning home four days later.
And Madita is now in Grenaa waiting for the highlight of the year: Oslo we are about to come! :-)

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