Thursday, June 19, 2014

Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus)

Last year in spring on a one week trip we met some very special animals.... We were on our way to Gedser/Falster-Denmark when suddenly a howling filled the air. First we had to use binoculars to figure out who made these sounds, but when we reached the sand bank Rødsand we saw them... and they saw us: Grey Seals :-)
The are area around Rødsand is prohibited, but since the wind was low, we were able to float directly at the borders of this natural reserve.
Suddenly the whole group of Grey Seals started to move into the water. We saw them playing in the shallow water in front of the sand bank.
All at once, not ten meters from Madita, a head with two saucer eyes appeared out of water and looked curiously at us. We were not sure, whether he expected fish, wanted to see our papers or simply wanted to inform us, that we are not allowed to enter the area....before we figured that out, he disappeared, but only a few later another, one was looking at us from short distance. Sometimes they showed up in pairs, sometimes only single; this whole game lasted for about 30 minutes. Then they seemed to lose interest in us and went back to take a nap on the sand bank.
We continued our way, filled with excitement and happiness about this cute encounter.


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