Thursday, June 5, 2014

How much is enough?

There is nothing to complain about. We live a good life. Everything is just in place....but somehow that seems not to be what we want. It starts with all the stuff we have in the house. Each piece on it's own might have been a good purchase. But more and more I feel uncomfortable and wonder wether we really need all of it. It is nothing, which can be explained by reason, it is more an emotion leading to the decision, that it has to start with getting rid of at least a good part of the stuff. Which leads to the question, what we really need or want to have. What is really important to us, what has a meaning? With every piece we sold or gave away so far, I feel much better. I don't expect that reducing will lead to absolute minimalism. But in the end I would be happy if anything would fit within one boat ;-)

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