Friday, June 6, 2014

Hugo - our family dog

I wanted a dog for years. Wolfgang was strictly against buying one....although he loves dogs or maybe because he loves dogs. His parents had dogs and he perfectly well knows how much work and responsibility it is.
But on the other hand wouldn't it be the most joyful and heart warming thing to have in life?!
At least we figured out at one point what kind of a dog we would like to have, if we ever would get as far as buying one....A flat coated retriever seems to be a good breed for us. The big dog book we have on the shelf says: A flat coated retriever is extraordinary charming, does anything to please, very friendly with children and the tail is constantly wagging.
But still Wolfgang was not fond of the idea. Then, one sunday afternoon just a few weeks before my 40th birthday, he suggested a nearly 2 hour drive to Oldenburg (Oldenburg) to see some puppies....."We will just look at them...."
Some hours later we were driving back home, the sweetest black, furry thing sitting anxiously on my lap. That was the day, Hugo (*12/25/2011) came in our life.
He was really wild in the beginning and not much interested in cuddling. To our surprise we had to get used to each other. But only after a few he became a family member. His training might not be the best, but he is a real family dog, very kind with the children, easy to handle wherever we take him, very friendly with other dogs. The only negative thing I should mention is his weakness for sweet stuff especially cakes and muffins, which he of course would only take if they obviously would have been put on the table for him.....

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