Friday, June 13, 2014

Spot of the week - Ballen/Samsø Denmark

Samsø is a danish island located in the Kattegat north of Funen.

Samsø has 5 harbors: Mårup Havn, Langør Havn, Sælvig Havn, Kolby Kås Havn and Ballen Havn.
On our summer trips of the last three years Ballen always has been one of the highlights. The harbor is mostly crowded with ships, but still the atmosphere friendly and relaxed. The children love this place, because of the little beach at the inner harbor. First of all, there is a huge box filled with children's life jackets for all those who visit without one, which allows to let especially the smaller children play much more freely at the beach and the pontoons.
Our children are absolutely fond of a small red rowing boat, which serves for endless games.
At the wall between the beach and the street behind it, there are some ropes fixed, which can be used for climbing practice; another things the children are not getting tried of. What is of great fun in all harbors is catching crabs and starfishes.
To both sides of the harbor are long beaches, which invite for strolls and swimming.
Around the harbor, as all over the island, are many holiday apartment houses and hotels. Restaurants and cafés can be found in the harbor as well as a smoke house offering delicious, freshly smoked fish.
Some smaller shops are nearby and a supermarket with an assortment of mostly anything one needs is just adjacent to the harbor.

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