Sunday, June 29, 2014

Spot of the Week - Endelave/Denmark

Endelave is a small danish island southwest of Samsø. It has a size of about 13 km2 and currently about 160 inhabitants.
We have been there in summer 2011 on our first longer sailing trip.

Searching for an ice creme for the children we found a little café with a  small shop in the middle of grain fields.
With their stomachs full of ice creme we explored a teaching garden adjacent to the café and the children were very much delighted to recognize a lot of flowers and herbs.
The shop keeper told me a lot about Endelave: He claimed that Endelave is the only small island in Denmark noting an increase of population. There is a small school from first to seventh grade, which was visited by 11 children at that time. For further education the children have to visit boarding schools at the mainlands. Furthermore the island has it's own medical doctor.
The island has a huge population of rabbits. The shop keeper told me, that these are real wild rabbits and not feral house rabbits. These animals were once brought to Endelave from England for hunting purpose, but the population grew faster than the hunter were able to get after them. Therefore still many rabbits are shot in Endelave, 9 out of 10 shot rabbits in  Denmark are killed on Endelave. In the evening we tried to see some of them, for our observation not for hunting of course, and indeed there were many of them in the fields, although too shy to let us come close.
Endelave is a quiet place, but we felt that there is an vital village life here and the nature surrounding the harbor made our strolls very pleasurable.

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