Friday, June 20, 2014

Spot of the week - København/Sjaelland-Denmark

In 2012 we visited the capital of Denmark, København by boat.

We approached the city via the Øresund coming from south. Here we saw the impressive Øresund bridge, which connects København with Malmö, for the first time.

We passed the airport and it was kind of funny having the planes fly directly ahead of us.

We expected heavy ship traffic in the greater harbor zone, but fortunately we were able to make our way without any incidents.

We stayed for three nights in Christians Havn directly within the historic center.

What we kept most in mind about the time in København is actually this atmosphere of being right in the middle of a major city of 1.2 million inhabitants, and still being in a small harbor with relaxed people, some of them even living full-time during all seasons on their boat.

And Hugo found some nice other dogs to play with :-)

The other place, which we expected to be relaxed, was Christiania, a self-proclaimed, autonomous 34 hectares neighborhood of about 850 residents. We were quite impressed about the fences surrounding many front gardens of the little houses or even trailers. We found the same seriousness about laying out sod, which can be seen in some German row house areas. At one point we started wondering whether one or the other of the residents are going to change into suit at the end of the day. Anyway, we followed the advise of not passing through certain streets with Hugo and enjoyed the stroll a lot.

The architecture of this city is a good, interesting mixture of old and new, with the sea being all the time present and involved.

We had a good time in København, although after three days we longed for nature and quietness and being on the sea, so we left to go further north. 

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