Friday, June 6, 2014

Spot of the week - Vejrø/Denmark

We love the danish islands and Vejrø is on the top of our list.

Vejrø is a little private island of 1.6 km² located in the Smålandsfarvandet. The harbor offers room for 85 ships and  is open to leisure boats. There is a ship shuttle service for appointed guests to the island. The only other way to arrive is by privat plane. Vejrø has a little hotel and few guest houses. The restaurant as well as the little shop offer organic products of the island. The harbor fee is rather high, but the facilities on the island like shower, washing machine and dryer, tennis court, bicycles, electricity, water and BBQ with wood or coal are for free. But what we love most on this pearl in the Baltic Sea is the nature. Although the island is cultivated the nature is overwhelming. Deers are looking at you every now and then from behind a tree or the open meadows. Rabitts are running around or sitting quietly in the green. Many birds nesting all over the place. Wildflowers are blossoming everywhere. All this is surrounded by a sea of turquoise color. It is very quiet here. While strolling around we feel completely relaxed and embedded in the bursting nature.

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