Sunday, July 13, 2014

Öckerö/Sweden - 07/12/2014

From Laesø/Denmark to Öckerö/Sweden, distance 31.4 NM, weather: sunny, wind 3-4 NE turning NW, temperatur 22°C

The new plan is now to go for the westswedish skerries north of Goteborg and travel in short  trips up to the north as far as we get until we have to turn and go back to be home in time. I am a little sad, that by doing so we most likely will not reach Oslo, but this is a vacation journey not an expedition ;-)

Today we reach Sweden! It is a great feeling to be back in this amazing landscape and the kids are very excited when the first skerries appear at the horizon.
We stop in Öckerö for two reasons: First it is not that much of a tourist spot and we hope to find a less crowded harbor today. And second, we have been here last year :-) We liked this typical swedish town and the harbor a lot. And moreover we had pizza at a restaurant, which showed last time the women's soccer championship on TV...the forecast predicts heavy rain for tomorrow so we are going to stay in Öckerö and already know where we can watch the final Argentina-Germany ;-)

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