Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Donsö/Sweden - 07/24/2014

From Stocken to Donsö, distance 42.8 NM, weather sunny 30°C, water temperature 22.7°C, wind 0-1 Beaufort.

No wind, no sailing.....we run under motor towards Donsö, which is like a suburban to Gothenburg. During the day the island Donsö is rather quiet, but in the evening many ferries are bringing the people back from work.

We like this place, because of the many locals around and not so much tourists. Hardly any car is driving here. The people rather using little electro cards or elector bicycles.
The highlight is, that Wolfgang hires a water scooter for one hour. Magdalena has a fabulous time with her father dashing across the bay. Friedrich says, only if his life would be threatened, he would get on such a vehicle......same is true for me ;-)

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