Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Langør/Samsø Denmark - 07/18/2014

From Grenaa to Langør/Samsø, distance 27,7 NM, weather partly cloudy, 25°C, wind northeast 2-3 Beaufort.

It is not like the end of our wonderful summer vacation is coming but a second journey starts today. We clean up Madita from outside and inside and fill up fuel and water before setting our course for Samsø. The children take responsibility today setting the sails and it becomes a beautiful sailing day.

The plan for today is to anchoring in a bay close to the harbor Langør on the danish island Samsø. When reaching the bay it is already rather full, but in the harbor there is a forest of masts. We give it a try and let the anchor down at 5 meter. The first attempt fails. When going for a different spot another ships passing us with high speed and let the anchor down right in front of us. Now it is really tight, but anyway the anchor grabs and the weather is calm. We stay and shortly after we are at the small beach of this beautiful and peaceful bay.

Before going to sleep Wolfgang sets the anchoring alarm; soon after we are fast asleep.

At 1:30 am just a second before the anchoring alarm starts beeping someone is shouting very loudly from outside "Wake up, you are drifting!!!". We jump on deck and I am shocked, that we are already bumping against another ship. The anchor chains are twisted around each other. It is pitch dark and only in the light of our flashlight Wolfgang tries to free the anchor chains, which miraculously works out. Under machine we try to leave the anchoring field, but is hard to orientate and see where the field ends. We have no sight, don't know whether there are blind rocks nearby and hardly can figure out, which way to take to the harbor. Luckly we reach it anyway and go alongside the very first boat. 
At the sky there are millions of stars. 

We are awake early next morning and the mood is down. We are not sure what our mistake was: Is the anchor to light for Madita? Should we have used a longer part of the chain? Was the ground too bad? Was the field to narrow? We feel frustrated and dispirited. 

A little later Wolfgang takes the dinghy to drive out to the other boat we hit at night, to make sure, that there is no damage done. When he is back, he feels much better. The people on that ship reported, that they were already on deck for a while that night, because two other ships before us drifted when the wind turned and had problems. They saw us coming slowly towards them and were prepared having enough fender out. No damage was done, and much more important no one was hurt. Our hearts are a little lighter, but still I am distressed...

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