Thursday, March 12, 2015

Koblenz/Germany - 02/28/15

Lucky us, we had a full week vacation during spring break last week...and we went ....surprise surprise....not to the north as usually, but to the south...
Our final destination was South Tyrol/Italy, but we took a break in Koblenz for one day and visited Wolfgang's family.

Since we stayed only for one day, we took time to take the aerial lift starting in the city center going up to fortress Ehrenbreitstein on the opposite site of the river Rhein.
The view was fantastic, especially overseeing the Deutsche Eck, where the rivers Rhein and Mosel meet and where a sculpture of Kaiser Wilhelm I. is located on an artificial headland.
After arriving safely at the fortress Ehrenbreitstein we spent the whole morning exploring the huge territory.
The first castle was built in this place around 1000 p. Chr. The precursor of the now still existing fortress was constructed in the 16. century.

In the afternoon we had a pleasant walk at the Rhein Wiesen, where we met some nice ladies, who reside in some preferential location with view on the river Rhein and many children passing by willed to collect green for them ;-)

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