Friday, April 24, 2015

Children's Art: Painting Prompts

Yesterday we had like half an hour before dinner and I wanted to try out a new project, which I would love to use every now and than.

I prepared popsicle sticks in a glas jar. On each stick I wrote one word like Musik, Spring, Hot, Anger, Family, Ocean, Red, Chocolate.....

I ask the children to take one stick without previously looking on it.  After reading they should use this word as inspiration for painting.

Magdalena and Friedrich were eager to try this out.
Whereas Magdalena sticked to the one first word she took, Friedrich constantly helped himself to a new stick and painted everything on one piece of paper...

Both liked this a lot and I am sure we will repeat this.
The jar is openly accessible to them (as is all our art material...) and I am curious whether they are going to use this on their own as well....

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