Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kalvø/Denmark - 05/24/2015

The other Saturday we went to Kalvø/Denmark, a little half-island in the Genner Bay we like a lot.

The wind came from the front the whole time and we had to to tack the whole time, but it was nice sailing anyway and we enjoyed the fresh air, the sunlight, the sea and being in nature again :-) Actually under other circumstances we would have liked to go further, but we all were exhausted by tacking and Kalvø is clearly one favorite anyway....

The whole island is a nature reserve with beautiful nature all around.
The harbor is rather small but lively, since they have an active sailing club there. The facilities are very decent :-)

We had a nice ride around the Genner Bay with the Dinghy later that evening...we disembarked at the other side of the bay and made a short walk into the woods there. Wonderful forest we clearly will have to come back some time and take a hike here.

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