Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Langballigau/Germany - 05/152015

Heavy winds were predicted for the weekend. Before going back to Sonderborg, we only could stay in a harbor at the Flensburg fjord, to be back before the storm started.
Langballigau is a very nice lively harbor, with lots of local sailors and fishermen, a very nice restaurant "Anna und Mee(h)r" (which unfortunately was closed this weekend and nice beaches to both sides of the harbor.
We like the so called dog's beach, since Hugo is allowed to run without leash, which he for sure enjoys a lot :-)
Again at this beach a lot of fossils and driftwood could be found----
and Friedrich found something he is very fond of: clay...well another moment since being a mom, that I was very happy to have a decent washing machine at home ;-)

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