Monday, June 1, 2015

Children's Art: Group painting on one large canvas

I am tremendously proud of the little children painting group, which meets every Monday at our house....

Two weeks ago we did kind of experimental project.
I put ONE large (200 x 90 cm) canvas on our table and provided them with all the different hues they mixed the week before in acrylic paint.
At first they were rather shocked by this huge white surface and seemed a little shy to start.
They decided that everyone should striktly work for themselves....but it took one like one and a half minute and they were all in this together.

We made only one rule before, that nobody should paint over the painting of anyone else without explicit permission.

All kids were great: They worked for one and a half hour and the only thing they talked about was their current painting. They came to agreements, worked together, developed the picture together. The only thing I had to do, was to provide enough paint....

Today we had a little vernissage for the families.
I hang the picture at the wall at our driveway. We had some soft drinks and nice snacks and the children seemed all very proud of what they had accomplished :-)
As I said before, I am tremendously proud of them :-))

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