Monday, June 29, 2015

Children's Arts: Painting like Morris Louis....

Using this great curriculum for children to explore famous artist, we took advantage of the brilliant weather and did some messy stuff outside in the garden ;-))

Since we are so fond of Helen Frankenthaler, the idea was to paint like Morris Louis and his way of color field paintings:
We taped heavy watercolor paper to some trays. The children applied spots of acrylic paint on one edge.
When the trays were put upright the paint already started to run down. To increase this process they repeatedly sprayed water on the paint.
The first round were not that successful, so we switched to tempera paint hoping that it would run more smoothly, which it did....

Resuming this experiment I would say, that it is a promising technique, which needs some improvement ;-)

In the evening I could not help and try the whole thing using liquid water colors.....;-)

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