Monday, June 8, 2015


  1. Hi,
    I love that tiny Alssund as well, it is sheltered and right in the middle of fantastic sailing (and island) grounds. How often do you go sailing in that region? Where is your home berth?
    Enjoy your time on the water,

    1. Hello!
      Thanks for your comment :-) Our home berth is Sonderborg and we love this area very much for all the little harbors and bays and the beautiful nature!!! We try to be there every weekend, for vacation we love to go further away ;-)
      Where is your home harbor? What kind of boat do you sail with?
      Take care,

    2. Hi Birgit,
      boat has been sold - and I have been crying ever since... ;-) Will need to get the kids hooked up to sailing so another boat can join the family. They did love crawling around the new Bav.46 at last year's Hanseboot, and wanted to take it home and store away in the carport ;-)
      I usually pass Sonderborg on my way to Skovmose/Skovby where we visit friends occasionally, so maybe I can drop into Sonderborg Marina (or are you staying in the city center) for a chat and a sundowner. Or Horuphav, Dyvig, Augustenborg - well, wherever...
      Hope to see you some time soon,

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