Thursday, July 23, 2015

Children's Art: Print Workshop Day 1

Now that we are finally free for the summer, we started to do a little printing workshop at home.
Actually we already did some printing before, since we couldn't wait for it (see here)...
Anyway on Day  1 four workshop we started with a classics doing linol prints. 
The children drew their motifs on soft cut boards and I did the cutting since the linol cutting knifes are really sharp and sometimes the material just gives way....
But the printing was all theirs :-)
We used different devices for pressing, since I am lucky to own a printing press. But doing it manually worked equally fine so the children stick to that way.


  1. we would love to try this, what lovely prints

    1. Thank you! I can highly recommend this, because it was so amazing for the children to lift the papers and see how every print differs from the one before. :-)