Sunday, December 27, 2015

Castel Kronborg Helsingor/Denmark - 08/20/2015

We took our time to explore Castel Kronborg in Helsingor.
When this castel was built in the 16th century word spread in Europe how magnificent and beautiful it was.
Although the famous english poet Shakespeare had never been to Helsingor, he most likely felt fascinated by the reports about Castel Kronborg and located the tragedy of Hamlet at this very place....
We started our tour in the casemate. First we were introduced to the story of Holger Dansk, a strong and loved kind, who ones disappeared but will come back one day his people are in need for him.
The deeper we went into the underground of the castel the darker and damp it became and bats were flying around our heads. The children consider this as the best part of the whole sightseeing ;-)
The castel really is beautiful and a lot can be learned about danish and Scandinavian  history.

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