Monday, December 14, 2015

Haoya/Norway - 08/09/2015

After a wonderful morning at the Fram Museum we started going back Southward, down the Oslo Fjord. 
Todays stop was at Haoya, an larger island close to Oscarsborg. Apparently there had been quite some agriculture on this island. These days some houses are for rent as vacation homes, some are abandoned. 
we had the chance to tie at a very small pontoon in a sheltered bay. 
In the afternoon we took a longer walk over the island, when we suddenly met some very shy ladies.....with a bit of patience the children were allowed to offer them some delicious branches...Nearby was a small dairy farm, where we bought some rather expensive but very tasty goat cheese.
For the evening we had a brilliant campfire with bread on branch-sticks coming together with one of these fantastic nordic sunsets......:-)

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