Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oslo - Dronningen/Norway - 08/08/2015

After a really pleasant morning in Oscarsborg, we were on our way to Oslo. It was a nice trip up the Oslo Fjord.
In Oslo we choose to stay at the royal sailing club, since it is rather close to the Fram Museum we plan to visit the next day.
In order to explore a bit of Oslo again (we have been to Oslo by ferry in 2012) we went across the harbor region by dinghy in the evening just to have a walk of maybe and hour in the city center. But just as we tied the dinghy to some pontoon and were about to set of some security guy reminded us very pilot and friendly that the fee even for a short stay on a dinghy would be €30,- with a fine of additional €50,- if we would not pay was an easy decision to explore Oslo rather by boat than by feet....

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