Sunday, February 21, 2016

Children's Art: Nature Art

For a longer time I planed to do Nature Art projects with the children.
Naturally one would start with it in spring or summer, when you are out in Nature anyway. But I felt that even winter should provide opportunities to find ways to do art in nature.

First we had to figure out, what nature art would mean to us.
Previously I had different ideas of how to carry out art within nature and always felt bad about interfering too much with nature and it's intern stability. Therefore it definitely has to be very gentle.

For the children they had to understand, that the art they do in and with nature will not last very long, since we don't want to deteriorate nature.
Our first tries are therefore far from being finished art but more about the process and approach to the topic of nature art and nature art with children....

The first we tried was using a tray at which snow fell as a surface. Sunflower seeds were taken to make in this case a spiral pattern in the snow.
We talked about what to expect: Birds will come and eat our "art" up, new snow will cover it....what actually happened was, that the snow melted the other day and most of the sunflower seeds were swimming in the water ;-)

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