Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Children's Art: Only one stroke for each of you....

Yesterday's meeting of the children's painting group was very intense.

We worked in two rounds.
For the first one I asked each child to choose on color. They got really big brushes from me. I put one large piece of white mix media paper in the middle of the table. Each child should make one stroke with it's brush. I asked them not to follow any known forms just make one movement with the brush; one child after the other.

Here are the results of this cooperative painting.

For a second round I handed out more paint in different colors and asked them to do the same as before again, this time each one on it's own piece of paper, using different colors but making only one stroke with each choose paint. It was very difficult for them to let go, not thinking of conventional forms or objects and just to move the brush over the paper. But in the end they were much more free and allowed themselves just to let it go:-)

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