Friday, September 9, 2016

Anholt/Denmark 07/20-21/2016

That was kind of an amazing start of our summer vacation this year:
We picked the children up at school at the last day of the school-year at 11:30 am with the car fully packed, drove to Sonderborg, brought everything on board and started right away all the way to Anholt, where we arrived the next afternoon......On top of this I had a very bad cold and Wolfgang stayed up all night. I just got out of the berth like 4:30 in the morning when we came to pass Tuno/Denmark. 

Wolfgang told me that night when he sailed all alone the Little Belt he heard the breathing of about a hundred of porpoise around him although it was too dark to see one of them. :-)

I had the watch until it was about to decide whether to sail to Grenaa, but everything went so smoothly, that we just stayed on the current course and reached Anholt later that afternoon...
Surprise, surprise the harbor was full and we had to moor as sixth or seventh alongside another boat.
It was just the first day of summer vacation and we were already in the Kattegat, which made it a good chance to reach Norway this summer again ;-)

Queen Margaret of Denmark was in Sonderborg, when we just left....

 Frida is a wonderful sailor!

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