Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dragor/Denmark - 08/07/2016

The weather wasn't really that bad the other day, but it was actually awfully windy....and the wind came directly from the front....well we decided to go by engine this time, but still it was rough and the waves were shaking us....maybe it would have been easier to tack....anyway we made it to Dragor this day.
Dragon is a very beautiful historical village close to Copenhagen. In former times the pilots were stationed here. Before the Oresund Bridge was built, connecting Copenhagen with Malmö/Sweden the ferries landed here as well.
I guess it is much calmer these days, but we enjoyed the peaceful holiday atmosphere a lot. There are some decent restaurant just at the harbor.
The Copenhagen airport is rather close and in the evening we sit at the very end of the harbor mole and watched the air planes arriving one after the other. While we sat there a seal was swimming just past the harbor entrance....Actually we like Dragor a lot :-)

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