Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Helsingor/Denmark - 08/05/2016

The weather forecast predicted heavy storm from west at the Kattegat for at least the next week.....we either made it that day to the Öresund or we would have sticked to the West Swedish coast until the storm is over. In that case we would have hardly made it to Sonderborg. So not much choices... It took 21 hours at Beaufort 7 to get to Helsingor. The worst part was the entrance of the Oresund when 2-3 meter waves were coming from behind and I felt like we will never ever reach a harbor again. 
And when we finally reached Helsingor at 4:30 am no place way available for Frida. I absolutely did not expect that, since Helsingor is a rather big harbor. But boxes are narrow and Frida needs a little more space than Marita did.....
Finally we moored to a reserved place and grabbed a few hours of sleep. When we felt awake again, it was just about the time the legitimate owners of the box arrived, so we headed out to the next harbor....

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