Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fejø/Denmark - 06/26/2013

At the end of todays trip we just wanted to arrive.
We are glad that the western Baltic Sea lays safely behind us, since the forecast predicts 7 Beaufort for today. But the prediction for the Danish straits is correct as well and we agonize going against 30 knots of wind. 

The second part of the Guldborg Sound was quite fine....

 After passing the bascule bridge at Guldborg...
....and reaching the open sea, we are still blithe...

With the only other ship around we have a little regatta cruising the Guldborg Bay. 

Our traget for today would have been the island Vejrø. The sails are reefed to minimum and still Madita is running with 6 knots. 
Just in front of the island Fejø we give up: The wind is getting stronger and stronger, although it is not raining, we are wet to the bones, since the waves are washing over deck and showering us (cold, not warm shower...); we are cold and exhausted, we visit Fejø for today.

In 2011 we have been here in low-season. Today the island shows is quiet side as well. I love this latent morbid atmosphere of the small danish islands, with streets lined with beautiful old farm houses.....

...and the air is filled with the fragrance of blooming roses.

Unfortunately the little shop is already closed and the children do not get an ice cream as promised. 
On our way back to the harbor we pass the old mill, which is a café now. But even here everything seems to be closed.

Friedrich tries to open the door anyway and is welcomed with a very friendly "Hey" from inside. Actually the café is closed, but a friendly gentleman tells us, that there is a film team on the island and that they are providing the catering. He offers two pieces of the most delicious strawberry cake to the children, who are enjoying it very much and thank everyone with a polite "Tak!".

While I am cooking, all three children of us are playing on the playground...

In the evening we are exhausted but happy.

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