Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nyköbing/Falster Denmark - 06/25/2013

I slept not well last night, because the wind became stronger and sough through the rigging. The weather forecast predicts 5-6 Beaufort and we are a little nervous. As long as the land of Fehmarn covers us, everything is fine, but once we are at open sea, it is getting quite rough. 

At least we sail with a speed of decent 6-7 knots. Although it is raining every now and then, it is a great ride. The clouds chase acorss the sky in thick packages, the color of the sea is changing from bottle-green to lead-gray, the wave are rolling around us and the air is fresh and pleasant. 

The children have fun below. At one point Friedrich and Hugo fall asleep. 

Later Hugo finds a convenient position in the cockpit.

Reaching the Guldborg Sound the wind is getting calmer but the water depth is low. The captain has to be very concentrated to not run aground on the flint- and limestone seaground. 

The landscape around us is beautiful!

The bascule bridge opens upon our request, the children wave to the bridge master and he replies their greeting friendly.  

After 46 NM and 8.5 hours we reach the harbor of Nyköbing/Falster. 

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