Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hagenbek-Zoo Hamburg

Today is Corpus Christi and the school of our children was closed although it is not an official holiday in Hamburg. A friend of us invited us to the Zoo. I didn't bring our camera, but we have been there before and Wolfgang took some nice pictures that time, I would like to share.
Especially the recently built Arctic Sea department impresses us over and over.
Still, the question remains whether zoos are up to date, with the new media allowing virtual travels where real traveling is difficult, somehow overcoming the need for shutting animals in relatively small compounds.... Needless to say that there are as mostly pros and cons; I am yet undecided and feel it is on one hand hard to tell, how zoo animals really feel about their situation. On the other hand I can not imagine that they would not prefer to be free. But then again, what about species conservation? Somehow pros and cons seem quite balanced but that might change with globalization in one way or the other.
One effect visiting zoos, is always the wish to rather observe these wild animals in there natural environment.

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