Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bagenkop/Denmark where "Jesus calms the storm"

This week our children had Bible Day at school. The whole day all classes worked in different ways about the same story: This time it was the story from the New Testament about Jesus, who falls asleep while he was crossing the Sea of Galilee with his disciples when a storm rises. The disciples get very frightened and wake Jesus for help. He tells them to trust in him and calms the storm with one word. The disciples are deeply impressed and ask "What kind of a man is he, to whom even the wind and the waves are listening".
That reminded my of the church of Bagenkop/Langeland-Denmark. During the day the doors are wide open, although a grid blocks the entrance, and one can see inside the church directly on the wonderful stained glas windows, showing exactly this biblical story. It is easy to imagine what this story means to the fishermen, who have to go out on the Baltic Sea each day regardless of the weather.

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