Thursday, June 19, 2014

Norway - fall 2012

During the autumn break in 2012 we traveled to Norway. Since we expected not the best whether at that time of the year, we took the ferry from Kiel/Germany to Oslo/Norway and stayed 3 nights in a hotel. Using the ferry allowed us to bring our car, which was convenient, but going up the Oslo Fjord in this huge and luxurious ferry, we felt kind of sad not being here with our own boat :-/
Anyway, we enjoyed visiting Oslo a lot, but soon we felt that we would love to see the nature and the mountains. We drove outside the city and soon were fascinated by the landscape, the ancient stones, the waters and the nordic flora.
It was a great trip with a lot of new impressions and I am more than happy that this summer our vacation should lead us to the Oslo Fjord again, this time with our own boat :-)

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