Monday, August 11, 2014

Engelsvik/Norway - 07/19/2014

From Evjesundet to Engelsvik, distance 8.5 NM, weather: sunny 27°C, water temperatur 22°C, wind northeast 2 Beaufort.

We have been to Engelsvik before: 2012, when we traveled to Oslo by ferry, we drove there one mild autumn day, bought some smoked fish, which we ate at the abandoned harbor. It was a very pleasant day and we think it should be wonderful to return to this place by boat. Since it is only a short distance from Evjesundet, where we spent a clam and refreshing night, we have the whole day for our leisure in Engelsvik. 

When we arrived there were only a few guest places left, but people from other boats were very friendly to guide us, helping with the lines and starting a calm, friendly and interested chat with us almost from the very beginning.
Engelsvik is a rather small place, more a suburb of Oslo.
Ah Oslo would have been 30NM to finally reach Oslo, but there is hardly any wind today (which means, the motor would run all the time), the sun is burning down on us and no one of us feels like going for sightseeing in a big city.....
We rather have a peaceful afternoon in the harbor. The children are playing with other Norwegian kids, catching crabs and playing hide and language is necessary, they are just happy children on a wonderful summer day at the waterside...

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