Monday, August 11, 2014

Kuvaun/Norway - 07/20/2014

From Engelsvik to Kuvaun, distance 12NM, weather: Sunny 28°C, water temperature 23°C, wind east 0-1 Beaufort.

Hugo does not want to go back on board this morning....Apparently he likes the shadowy place underneath a picknick table at the harbor wall, where some sausages mysteriously found their way to him yesterday evening (a generous donation from two 3 and 4 years old Norwegian kids, who befriended him :-))....why should he want to leave?! ;-) But Madita's captain demands him back on board and finally he follows and we are on our way to our last Norwegian stop.

Kuvaun is a beautifully remote bay with high rocks surrounding. Only a few private summer houses are at the shore. Around the bay are small stretches of beach, which are internittend by high piles of granite rocks.
Again we have a wonderful day with swimming, fishing, exploring the different parts of the beaches and the area behind.
The surfaces of the rocks are grounded by ten thousands of years water and wind exposure. Although laying high above the shore some have deep hollows where the water must have been running back and forth during long autumn and winter storms.

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