Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fjällbacka/Sweden - 07/21/2014

From Kuvauen/Norway to Fjällbacka/Sweden, distance 35 NM, weather: sunny, 28°C, water temperature 22.5 °C, wind northeast 2-3 Beaufort.

Before we are on our way back to the west swedish coast we have a relaxed morning in the peace of the Kuvaun bay. After a refreshing bath, we get ready. Although we do like the swedish skerries very much, we have a little tear in our eye when we have to take down the Norwegian courtesy flag......

In accordance with this semi sad mood: This is not our day. First the iPad we use for GPS navigation breaks down, most likely because of the heat.....Next the stopper part of our port side winch breaks and the sheet jammed, so that Wolfgang has to use much force to release it....
We are kind of happy when our today's destination comes into sight: Fjällbacka. Our mood rises when we see the neat houses in front of the mountain Vetteberg, which is rising steeply into the sky. But soon the spirits are even lower.
Over one hour we are circling in the port searching for an unoccupied place for the night. Although a few berth are empty we are ensured, that the owners will return in the night....we try to go long side of other ships, but the first ones tell us, that they will leave really early the next morning (our question how early early is, remains unanswered...). The second tells us, that the whole package of three boats will become too heavy, but the unfriendly sound in their voices make us wonder, whether the reasons are quite different. Absolutely no other ship has fender outside, so that we feel no one is willed to take a boat to the side......
However, we try to anchor in front of the harbor, but the anchor does not dig into grounds several times, so that we have to give up this project.
All of us are exhausted by the sun burning down all day and this futile attempt to find a tiny place for us just for the night....Finally we go alongside a Norwegian boat, which has no fender outside and no one is on is an uncomfortable feeling to do so, but good luck, later we find out, that the people on that boat are really friendly and cool.
The crew is very hungry and we go for eating but besides the neatly and picturesque houses and streets this place is overcrowd, loud and uncomfortable.
After eating (in a very descent restaurant at the very end of the harbor, where the streets become calmer) the only thing we wish for is to sleep.
The next morning we start early at 6:30 happy to leave this place behind....btw the boats owners, who claimed they can not take us long side, because they have to leave really early, are still fast asleep, when we leave. There was a little temptation to wake them just to make sure, they didn't miss the alarm clock....but no.....shall they stay in the arms of Morpheus as they wish ;-)

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