Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lilla Körna/Sweden - 07/22/2014

From Fjällbacka to Lilla Körna, distance 25,3 NM, weather: sunny 28°C, water temperature 23°C, no wind.

We leave early and enjoy the peace of the morning.

We stop in Hamburgsund for breakfast shopping and filling the tank, since the forecast predicts absolutely no wind today and we are going to use the motor the whole drive.
But even although there is absolutely no wind, this becomes one of the most disturbed and wavy trips we ever have done...all over around us are motor vehicles of any size, most of them going full speed.....
Anyway we are enjoying the nature around us and looking forward for Karlsvik, an anchoring bay we plan to reach today.
But when we came closer to Karlsvik the the huge chimneys of the nearby refinery are greeting us....and the bay is filled with boats.....
No one of us feels like staying here. We drive a little farther to Lilla Körna. This old little fisher's village is only inhabited during the summers and the harbor tends to be very full as well, but the grand rock formations of the island and the very friendly and summerly relaxed atmosphere in the harbor excuses that.....
We enjoy our stay very much. The best is the evening walk (or better climb..;)) to the rocks at the other side of the island, which we find in the warm light of sundown.

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