Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stocken/Sweden - 07/23/2014

From Lilla Körna to Stocken, distance 10.5 NM, weather sunny 30°C, water temperature 23°C, no wind.

Again a windless day.....We start after breakfast but soon we are in the middle of all these fast running motor vehicles again.....Although we think we should go a bit further this day, we quickly decide to take a side trip and go for Stocken.

We have been to this calm harbor last year. What we like about this place, that it is mostly used by locals, calm and with interesting view all around. And there is a wonderful fish shop,  not only selling very fresh local fish but also a brought variety of fresh vegetables. And handmade sea salt. (Since last year's batch is almost used up, it is a good opportunity to get new sea salt :-).
We have a joyful, happy and warm summer day.
The children meet some very friendly children and play with them until late that evening with much cheers and laughter. We spend the evening with the family and have nice talks about children, family, sailing, Sweden and Norway etc...
A blessed day!

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